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Chanthawat  Pornnasaree


   Basically, we have been  professional specialist of the Bodyguard Training Course Program,  our course is aimed at enhancing potential of  individuals , staffs of organization and various countries regarding of their own basic knowledge and  skillful development with all relevant subject courses in order to work closely for providing  security and providing the highest full potential of individual protection.  Especially,  VIP leader.or Hi ranking persons and to fulfill all aspects of achieving target and learning the correct principles of Bodyguard Curriculum  properly for improving the efficiency of everyone who comes to take this specific course and study with us both self-defense and  knowledge of using the individual  weapon  properly​ in order to complete the task, to take good care and providing the security at the optimum level. That is our strength is to safeguard those VIP leaders of Organization to have the best knowledge​ before going to start operation.
    We do not only providing Bodyguard  Training Course in THAILAND  locally, but  we   also do  serve and provide Bodyguard  training Course Program Worldwide with our long exposure of security protection training  over  24 years

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